okay, i've been trying to get a storefront for the Shadoweyes shirts i printed up last year but i haven't been able to get it together, so until then i'm just going to offer them for sale via email and a Big Cartel page i set up if that's easier for you, i gotta start making some money back here, haha. eventually i'll get a print-on-demand thing going so more sizes, like girl-fitted tees and bigger adult sizes, and different images will be available. right now this is what i got, sorry the Larges and XL's all sold out so fast!

they're $10 regardless of size and probably about $1.50 shipping within the US and $2.50 outside. i only have men's sizes (i.e. "unisex") right now, unfortunately. :( if you're interested, send me an email at mooncalfe at hotmail.com or send me a note here on DA. please don't use my greenoblivion email address, thanks! :) i can take check, money order, or Paypal (which is easiest).

here are the sizes i have left. it's first come first serve!
Adult Medium: 12
Adult Large: sold out!
Adult XL: sold out!
Youth Large: 16
Adult Small: 11

thanks, everyone!!! :)