Shadoweyes has no time for holiday spirit!

somebody asked me if Christmas or Hannukah or other real-life holiday celebrations along those lines exist in Scout's universe, and i did consider that when i drew this picture, but i figured this is just a joke drawing and not "canon" so to speak, so whatever, heh. it's a good thing to think about, though; i figure if various holidays, both religious and secular, exist in Scout's world, Christmas would be the most likely one because the real life commercialization of the holiday seems like it would fit right in with Dranac. i thought maybe it would be funny if there were multiple Christmases each year, like Christmas 1 in March, Christmas 2 in June, Christmas 3 in September, then regular Christmas in December, people stressing over shopping and family stuff all year. since Dranac is supposed to be a miserable place it seems at first like maybe there should be NO Christmas, but i feel like multiple Christmases would be way more miserable than none (and maybe to make sure schoolkids feel the misery, they don't even get the holidays off from school).

all that said, i think if i actually ever deal with this in the comic, i'd probably have no holidays at all. even though a super-commercialized Christmas-type celebration would be fit well in Dranac, i think i like the idea of a given year in Dranac being uniform and the same throughout, no special occasions, no holidays or commemorative days, maybe even no summer vacation (i imagine the weather in Dranac pretty much the same all year, too).