Scout is a brooding, aspiring vigilante, and she gets her chance when she mysteriously gains  the ability to become a superhuman blue creature. She is unsure but determined, filled with love for people and animals, but also brimming with rage and sadness, and although outwardly she seems stoic (and badass, she hopes), she is a storm of emotion. As a vigilante, Scout is violent and inflicts a lot of physical harm but her methods vary depending on her mood and what the particular offense is, and she does a 180 when helping children or tending to the victims she rescues and is warm and caring. Her personal limits and morality are malleable, and even though she's out there doing her best to make a difference and help people, she still isn't quite sure where she stands.

Scout is vegan, which can be tough given the erratic availability in Dranac's supermarkets, but she still will eat meat or dairy in extenuating circumstances. Scout is a big reader and strives to be well-read in issues and terminology of social injustice, or at least come off like she's well-read (also in attempt to keep up with Kyisha), but she mostly enjoys reading psychological thrillers and spy novels.

likes: cooking and baking, purple, skunks, geology, peanut butter, unsalted popcorn, inspecting and picking at her feet, and reading about serial killers.
hates: soy and rice cheese (and real cheese before she went vegan), peeing more than three times a day (she'll try to hold it beyond three), zoos, subway terminals, being late to anything, and she is secretly mortified that she never got her period.