Noah is another aspiring vigilante, inspired by Shadoweyes. He is angry about his lot in life, the people and systems around him and what they do, his neighborhood, and his family, and he doesn't really know what to do with his anger and emotion. He seems pretty stoic most of the time but he's fiercely loyal and caring and will open up to people who earn his trust. Noah, like all the best bad boys, is from a broken home, his father having left years ago to pursue a life of crime and forcing Noah's junkie mom to raise her son alone. Having a hair-trigger and almost zero patience, Noah won't hesitate to unleash his anger upon people who cross him or cross others in his presence.

Noah's only real hobby is model-building, mainly robots and armored warrior type stuff. He briefly played lacrosse but quit (he still likes watching it, one of Dranac's main sports, on TV), even though it was a good outlet for his energy he didn't like the rules and other players harassing him. He got himself kicked off the team by beating up the coach.

likes: robots, cool boots, being insolent in school or flat-out skipping it, especially skipping gym class, exploring abandoned buildings, and looking awesome and imposing when he walks down the hallway at school. Noah loves spicy food but he's often forced to avoid it because of his irritable bowels, which if he's not careful will pound him and confine him to the toilet.
hates: mob movies, sleeping for too long, cartoons, junkies, and people trying to sneak a peek into his locker.