Max is Scout's super cool mom, she works as a bartender and is a total nightowl. She had Scout at the age of 17, after which Max struck out as an adult to make a new life in for the two of them in West Dranac. As a mother, Max tries to avoid being too smothering, preferring to be the "cool mom" while performing covert mom operations. She is friendly and easy to get along with, is rarely embarrassed by anything, be it a clumsy mistake or her capricious youth, and has somewhat of a prankster streak in her. Although she and Scout have a close relationship, Max sometimes finds it difficult to talk to her daughter because she herself is not very academic or artsy or socially conscious like Scout is; she's more into action movies and fart jokes and she never did very well in the little school she did attend, but she's still determined and is very astute.

likes: grilled cheese, geneology, beer, anthropomorphic/talking animals, monster truck rallies (Dranac's main sport), trashy romance novels, and she's a vegetarian.
hates: night time monorail commutes, chunky soup, and game shows.