Kyisha is dry-humored and both cynical and optimistic. She both cheerily volunteers at a homeless shelter and then won't hesitate to kickbox the crap out of somebody. She dwells a lot on the past, despite having a rough childhood, and often makes choices based on things from years earlier, such as choosing things based on numbers corresponding to specific dates. Kyisha gets frustrated when people don't appreciate her sense of humor, feeling that she's better off surrounding herself with people who get it, and usually looks down on those who don't. Most of the time she feels alone and misunderstood, even in her activist group. Kyisha is interested in race theory, queer theory, and sexism studies.

Kyisha is intersex and is involved with an activism/support group and intersex awareness, and hopes to start an activism BBS. She struggles with people being hostile or confused toward her, and she is usually quick to retaliate, but her jaded demeanor doesn't betray how hurt and frustrated she really is. She has a serious peanut allergy and must be vigilant about avoiding them in all their forms, which makes navigating school and society even more treacherous.

likes: practicing her kickboxing at the gym, fancy socks, spiders, medical documentaries, dancing, and getting new shoes.
hates: chemistry class, hospitals, fast food, acoustic guitar, sweaters, and everything on TV.